Golden harvest of extra virgin olive oil.

Posted on Fri April 17, 2020.

We are coming to end of a fantastic harvest season. With the help of 25 pickers who have been in lockdown with us, it has been a cheerful time for everyone.

Our 2020 harvest has been the highlight of this difficult time. With a crop which supercedes anything we have had before,  we have been fortunate to have all 25 pickers  locked down on the farm with us. Our fantastic guest house manager, Modester, has been feeding everyone delicious meals including her free range eggs and Daniel's (our farm manager) organic kale or covo as they call it in Zimbabwe.

According to Daniel and Peter, the oil is delicious and hopefully worth a couple of Gold awards.

We are looking forward to hosting guests again especially those city folk who have been locked down in their homes. Our fantastic weather and fresh, crisp air are tonic for the body and soul, not to mention our organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.